The Practice (YouTube Video)

In my usual surfing of Youtube, I came across this video simply named “The Practice.” by Cheguebuddha Check it out:

Its a simple video, but I like it. The meditator is trying to focus on his breath, but gets distracted. But, he returns his focus to his breath once he realizes he is being distracted.

The reason why I like it a lot is because this is something everyone who has tried meditation can relate to. It occurs during most meditation sessions… the mind wanders, and will try to keep wandering. But, if you continue to return your focus to your breath, it will eventually stop wandering and relax. Just remember, if your mind wanders during meditation, don’t worry about it. It happens to everyone. Just keep meditating, and peace will come eventually. Like the guy in the video, never give up!

So what did you think of the video? Comments are always welcome!

Happy Meditating!


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