New Meditation Logging Desktop Application


homeScreenAfter several weeks, I am pleased to announce a public alpha of our new meditation logging software!  The purpose of this software is to allow you, the meditator, to log your meditation sessions.  When you sit down for a meditation session, you can open the application, press start, and have it time your session for you.  You can have the app play music, either in a loop or once.  After you completed your meditation you can save the session.  With each session, you’ll be able to add comments and optionally save the location of where you meditated.  You can view your log right in the application.  You’ll be able to export your meditation session logbook in the form of .xml, .json, or sqlite (.mlg) files.  You will also be able to sync with other meditation session logs in case you record meditation sessions on multiple devices.

Currently, this is only for Windows Desktop.  Linux and Mac OS could be compiled an ran via the Mono library, but its not currently supported (it will be in the future).

This is Alpha Quality software.  There is still a lot of work being done to it to improve it.  There will most likely be bugs.  There are also features that need to be added or fine-tuned.

This is a fully free and open source application.  Source code can be found here.

For more information, screen shots, and links to an instruction manual, check out our Meditation Logger page here.  If you want to download the installer right now, click here.

We hope you enjoy using the application.  We are open to any and all suggestions!

Happy Meditating!


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