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Eraser Technique

Seth; Mar 05 2012

As I mentioned before, we have a Tumblr now!  While exploring it, I discovered this picture:

Eraser Technique

So, of course I tried it out naturally.  However, I did put my own spin on it.  Here's the technique  I used:

  1. Get into a comfortable position (1), close your eyes (if you wish), and relax your body.
  2. Once you calm down a little, focus on the weight of the air on your body (2).
  3. Do step 3 in the graphic: Feel the surface of your skin.  I mean, really notice and feel your entire skin (it is the largest organ after all).
  4. Follow step four and imagine an eraser that is erasing your outline.  Personally, I started with the legs, and worked by way up to the pelvis, then I erased my arms to the shoulders, then I erased my abdomen, chest, neck, and then head from the bottom up.
  5. Now this is where my technique differs from the graphic.  Do a body scan, that is look throughout your body, and see where there's tension.  This is where a "boundary between you and the universe" still exists, and must be erased again.
  6. Continue body scans and erasing boundaries wherever you feel tension.
  7. Once you no longer feel any boundaries, bring your focus inward, and focus on your breath.  If any body tension comes up, simply erase it.
  8. Continue doing step 7 for as long as you wish.  If any thoughts pop up, or you get distracted, simply return your focus to your breath. Eventually your mind will also relax.

And that's it.  Personally for me, the technique in the comic was a quick and easy way to relax the body, which therefore enables the mind to relax.  If it helped me, it can help you!  Also remember, feel free to experiment with the technique like I did; you never know what can happen!

Happy Meditating!


Picture Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/yumisakugawa/5097662251/

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