Meditation Logger

We have a desktop application currently in Alpha.  Download it here:


This is ALPHA QUALITY SOFTWARE.  This means that work is still being done to the application.  There will be bugs, and its is feature incomplete.

The app is for Windows Desktop (No RT support yet).  Follow the instructions here on how to install it on Windows.

There is no official Linux nor Mac OS version yet, although it may be possible to compile and run via Mono.  Eventually there will be a Windows Phone version and possibly an Android and iOS version as well.

The app allows you, a meditator, to log your meditations.  You press the start button, then go sit and meditate for a bit.  When you are done with your session, press stop, add comments, and optionally save your location.  The meditation session then gets saved.  You can then view your sessions and comments.  You can see where you’ve meditated, how long you’ve meditated for, and the total amount of sessions.

MapViewThe app supports timed meditations if you want to meditate for a certain amount of time.  The app will also play music if desired.  The meditation session can even be as long as the audio file, perfect for guided meditation sessions!

You can also export your log as xml, json, or sqlite files; perfect for backing up or integrating into your own projects.

The app will also sync with other logs, in case multiple devices are being used to record meditation sessions.

The app is fully open source, and free to download.

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