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Kirtan Kriya (Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation)

Seth Mar 24 2017

In Kundalini Yoga, there is an exercise known as "Kirtan Kriya".  This is also known as a meditation technique called "Sa Ta Na Ma."  The reason why it is called "Sa Ta Na Ma" is because that is what the meditator chants throughout the meditation.  It is a very easy and quick meditation that anyone can do.  Its also a very symbolic meditation, where every chant and mudra (finger position) represents something.

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Introducing Meditation Enthusiasts Sites!

Seth Mar 04 2017

Long-time viewers of Meditation Enthusiasts may remember many years ago, there was a spin-off site of Meditation Enthusiasts called Spiritual Blogs.  Spiritual Blogs was a site where members of the Meditation Enthusiast community were able to submit their website about Meditation, Yoga, or Buddhism, and their website would be added to an online directory of similar sites.  Each site got their own page, which showed the latest posts, social media links, and site information.  Meanwhile, all the submitted site's RSS feeds were merged into a single RSS feed.  Every new post was tweeted out on the official Spiritual Blogs Twitter.  Spiritual Blogs was, in the end, retired when we changed domains.

Now, after a few weeks in the making, we are excited to announce its successor: Meditation Enthusiasts Sites.  Meditation Enthusiasts Sites allows owners of websites about Meditation, Yoga, Buddhism, etc. to submit their website.  If the website is accepted, a page containing information about their site will be added, which will include a description of the site, the site logo, links to social media, a comments section, and the most recent posts from an RSS feed.  Their site's RSS or ATOM feed will also be merged with the global RSS feed, which is mirrored on our Twitter and https://www.reddit.com/r/MeditationSites/.

What causes hallucinations and sounds while meditating?

Seth Jul 18 2015

If you spend any amount of time on any meditation forum, you will see posts such as the following:

  • On very rare occasions I start hallucinating during meditation.
  • Does everybody experience hallucinations, replayed memories and imagery during meditation?
  • Does anyone here experience visual hallucinations while meditating?
  • I experienced a few moments where my whole body started to vibrate. Thoughts?

(All of these were topics from /r/meditation)

So seeing or hearing things while sitting in meditation seems pretty common.  But why?

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My Experience with Kundalini Yoga

Seth Jul 09 2015

During my final semester at college I decided to sign up for a Kundalini Yoga class. I always wanted to take a yoga class, but never had the opportunity. I picked Kundalini Yoga since it fit in my schedule. I knew going in it was a mostly mental/meditative form of yoga compared to the other kinds of yoga as my boyfriend took it the previous year. For those who were curious about Kundalini yoga, here's my experience with it.

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Motionless Meditation

Seth Jun 26 2014


In my middle school days, I used to hang out on a Forum called PsiPog.net.  For those of you who are unaware of it, it was a site that focused on Parapsychology; that is stuff like telekinesis, remote viewing, psi balls, astral travel, etc.  Although I have since stopped believing in stuff like telekinesis, PsiPog was instrumental in getting me started down the meditation path.  This meditation technique was one of the first ones I tried.  The technique was created by PsiPog forum user MartialArtist.

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Counting Meditation Techniques

Seth Jun 04 2014

We, as humans, have counted ever since we were in preschool.  Counting, for many of us, was the first step into the very important world of numbers and mathematics.  However, it can also be the first step into meditation.  Many techniques online say to focus on the breath, body, mantra, or the something else entirely.  However, for beginners, these techniques might be difficult.  So, why focus on something that we've done since we were young?  Counting!  Starting with counting meditations can enable the new meditator to practice focusing on something before moving on to the breath, mantra or other points of focus. Counting meditation is a great way for beginners to get started on the meditation path!