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Motionless Meditation

Seth; Jun 26 2014


In my middle school days, I used to hang out on a Forum called PsiPog.net.  For those of you who are unaware of it, it was a site that focused on Parapsychology; that is stuff like telekinesis, remote viewing, psi balls, astral travel, etc.  Although I have since stopped believing in stuff like telekinesis, PsiPog was instrumental in getting me started down the meditation path.  This meditation technique was one of the first ones I tried.  The technique was created by PsiPog forum user MartialArtist.

The Technique

The technique is very simple.

  • Set a timer for a predetermined time.  For beginners, 10-20 minutes will suffice.
  • Get into a comfortable position; one that can be maintained easily.
  • Sit in meditation, and DO NOT MOVE YOUR BODY AT ALL until the timer goes off.
  • If a desire to move your body comes along, take note of it, and let it go.

That's it.  No really, that's it.  Sounds simple right?  But, in Step 3, when it says "Do not move your body at all," it means "DO NOT MOVE YOUR BODY AT ALL."  That is, no blinking, winking, moving the big toe, adjusting the body, scratching an itch, etc.  You pretty much must become stone.

When your body is not moving, you mind will try to make it move.  You might get itches, cramps, limbs falling asleep, the desire to move or to get up.  However, once the mind realizes it is not going to get what it wants, it will eventually quiet down and relax.  To quote MartialArtist:

If you sit quietly for that long, and you stay focussed and conscious while meditating, you will automatically become aware of the demands of the mind. The desires it throws at you. It will recieve outside stimulants, it will react to that by creating a desire, so that you complete the demanded reaction. For example the mind will percieve a tingling sensation in your feet, accordingly it will try to make you move the feet. Or it will smell some nice food and create a feeling of hunger and it will demand you with its desire to get some food. But remember, the mind can never complete this process without the body. It needs the body to go and do something somewhere. So if you control your body by not moving for a long period of time, eventually the mind will just have to obey you. It will become quiet and you will be master again.

The most important part of this meditation is that you do not stop meditating until the timer expires.  Do not give in to your mind's desires.  It will try its hardest to get you to stop, but you can do it!

The original PsiPog forum has since disappeared from the internet.  However we have archived the post!   The link below will take you to the original forum post regarding this technique if you want more information:

See Archive.

Happy Meditating!


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