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Focusing on the Breath

Seth; Jul 07 2010

You got yourself into a comfortable position for meditation, you close your eyes (or leave them half open). Now what? People who have never meditated before would probably think there's some complicated mind exercise that needs to be done, or they think you chant a mantra. Although you can chant a mantra if you want, it is not required. No, when you sit down to meditate, you only need to focus on the breath.

That's it.

Relax your body, and just observe the inhale and exhale. Don't force it, but just let the breath flow naturally. What works for me is a slow, silent, but full breath; this type of breath really relaxes both my mind and my body, but do what's best for you.

If you get distracted by thoughts, just let your attention return to the breath.  This will take some time to get used to.  That's okay though, since eventually, your thoughts will quiet down, and your mind will relax. When your mind and body relax, you will feel a nice, calm, peaceful feeling.

Do this technique for as long as is comfortable. For beginners, sometimes 5-10 minutes is enough. Even for experienced meditators, just doing this technique every day for 5-15 minutes will produce a calmer self.

Although there are many ways to meditate, I feel like this is the simplest to learn, as we breath all the time!

Happy Meditating!


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