Tripod Sitting

For those who do not know, a tri-pod has three supports that create greater stability than one or two supports (of course).  There are two tripod-like things that can aid in meditation-especially for beginners.  They are a physical tripod and a mental tripod, what I call: Tripod Sitting and Tripod-Focusing.  … Continue reading

The best yoga pose for medtation

Can’t sit for long periods of time cross legged while meditating? If you can’t consider the following:

Meditation and Yoga go together like peanut butter and jelly (lame metaphor, but you get the point). They compliment each other, as one deals with the body, and the other the mind. Although … Continue reading

The Lotus Position, and how to prepare for it

The lotus position.


Whatever you call it, it is a difficult position to get into, let alone sit for a long time in. You do not have to meditate in the lotus position (and you should not if your aren’t limber enough), as meditation is what you do with … Continue reading