A Quick Story

Seth; Jul 07 2010

I remember a story I read online one time (I can't remember the site though), and I would thought I would share it.

Back in the beginning, when god (or gods, depending on your religion) created man, he also created the "ultimate power" so that man could become perfect, and godlike. But he wanted to hide it well, so that not everyone had access to it. He thought of several ways to hide it.

He thought of hiding it far underground, but if man figured out it was down there, they would just dig for it until they got to it.

He thought of hiding it in the sky, but man would just figure out a way to get to it easily.

So he finally figured out one spot where man would never look for this ultimate power: Inside man him(or her)self!

I like this story. Maybe its not a perfect retelling (I'm trying to remember content I read once online a few years ago), but I think the message is clear. We all have this power inside us. Meditating can help us get to it.

But what is this power?

If you are Buddhist, this power may be Nirvana or Enlightenment. If not, it could be inner peace, or the power to heal.

Or maybe this power is simply that as humans, we can do what we want if we believe in ourselves. We can achieve our goals is we truly work towards them. We can get out of any bad situation is we persevere. Maybe that is the power.

Whatever the power is, we can access it, we just need to look deep inside ourselves, which is something meditation can help us with; as meditation makes us look inward.

So what do you think this "ultimate power" is? Did you like the story? Comments are always welcome :)

Happy Meditating!


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