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The Buddhist Flag

Seth; Oct 12 2010

Did you know that Buddhism has a flag? I certainly didn't! What does it look like and what does it mean? Read on!

The flag was designed in the late 19th Century to symbolize and universally represent Buddhism. Like most flags, there is a lot of symbolism to it.

  • The Blue represents loving kindness, peace, and universal compassion.
  • The yellow represents the middle path; that is avoiding extremes and emptiness.
  • The red represents the blessings of practice-achievement, wisdom, virtue, fortune, and dignity.
  • The white represents the purity of Dharma-leading to liberation, outside space or time.
  • The orange represents the Buddha's teachings-wisdom.
  • These 5 colors represent the six colors that emanated from Buddha when he attained Enlightenment.

Its a cool flag, and thought it was interesting to share.

I know the posts have been scarce, but I am still online, so feel free to comment or email me on anything.

Happy Meditating


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