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Modern Meditations-Meditation Music that sounds familiar

Seth; Sep 06 2010

Modern Meditations takes some famous rock songs, and transforms them into meditation music. What, don't think that's possible? Check the video below when they do Guns n' Roses' "Knocking on Heaven's Door".

They also do artists such as Nirvana, U2, The Beatles, Radiohead, The Rolling Stones, R.E.M. etc.

You can get them on the Zune Store, probably Itunes, amazon, and from their website: http://www.modernmeditations.com/web/page.asp.

Even if you do not like meditating with music, it is still worth looking at the songs. They sound really cool. If you do enjoy meditating with music, then here are some more songs that can be added to your collection

Here are some more of their work on youtube:

So what music do you meditate to? Were these songs awesome? Feel free to comment and rate!

Happy Meditating!


P.S. This is NOT a sponsored post. I just found this cool and wanted to share.

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