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Seth; Aug 07 2010

My last post, before my vacation, about whether or not schools should introduce meditation into their curriculum made me think "Schools are probably not going to introduce meditation within the next month, so how can high school less stressful than it needs to be?" I've been through high school, and it was a good time. It was hard, but it was a great time. Here are some tips I have found that can make high school more enjoyable, and slightly less stressful. (Yes, I will relate it to meditation too).

I remember my first day of high school. I was nervous about the new environment, all the scary upperclassmen, and the impending "Kill the Freshman Day" (tip #1: it doesn't exist). The upperclassmen can be very intimidating, but they can also be the nicest people you can meet. If you get involved in clubs or sports, you'll probably meet a lot, and realize that they are not so bad. So do not worry about the upperclassmen, they're only scary for a little while.

The classes

So how hard are high school classes? Depends on what you take. In most high schools, throughout your career, you will probably take some kind of earth science, biology, chemistry, and possibly physics as sciences; Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, or even Calculus if you're advanced enough, for math; World History, US history, economics, and government for social studies; and four years of English. Sprinkle in electives, gym, and a possible secondary language class, and you have high school. Doesn't sound so bad does it? Okay, yeah, some do sound scary, and are, in fact, very scary (Calculus... shudders), but there are ways to be successful in these classes.

The number one way to be successful in the classes is to ask questions when you do not get something. Don't be afraid of looking stupid, I'm sure there would be at least three other kids in that class with the same question. The teacher is there to help, use them. If you are still confused, stay after, or visit them during a study hall. If they are good teachers, they should be willing to help you (if they refuse, why the heck are they teaching?). Visiting my math teachers whenever was confused got me through math, and actually made me like math. Not only does visiting your teachers give you help, but it also shows them that you actually care about the class. Sometimes that can come in handy; for example, if you forget your homework once, they probably won't punish you if you show that you care about the class.

Speaking of homework, its going to happen. Trust once of the masters of procrastination when I say: DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. It will drive you insane. The rare days when I got my homework done at a decent hour were always better than the day when I finish my homework late at night. So yes, do not procrastinate. If you have study halls, use them wisely. Do not fall into the trap I fell into... its not fun.

Get involved

High school isn't just about pens, pencils, and books. There are also several clubs, sports, and activities to do. If you see a club that interests you, join it! I remember my freshman year, I wasn't in any clubs. High school was miserably boring. Sophomore year, I joined a few, and high school turned into a much more fun experience. If not clubs interest you, see if you can make a club that does. Most people that come to this page have an interest in meditation; so why not have a club for meditation/yoga? It will be a cool way to find fellow meditators, and a possible way to meditate during the stressful school day (the only obstacle here is to prove that meditation isn't religious). Usually, to start a club, you just need to find an adviser, preferably someone who has an interest in the club, go in front of the principal, and possibly the board of education for funding, and the club exists! Clubs and sports are a great way for you to meet new people, and meet new friends. I know in my experience clubs made high school bearable. So get involved! Meet new people! You never know who you will meet.

Time management is key

You need to manage your time well in high school. You need time for clubs, sports, homework, dinner, and possibly a job. Be sure to make time to relax and goof off too. Those can be just as important so you do not go insane, or become a freaky stressy person. So be sure to manage your time well, and get ready to move your time around too in case something takes longer than expected, or your bus breaks down (of course, this can be a perfect opportunity to do homework). Keep an agenda, a smart phone, or a notepad to remember what you need to do, and when you need to do it.

Cool tips! But what does this have to do with meditation?

I'm getting to that part. I started meditating right before high school started. Here is what meditation can do for you if you do it regularly during high school:

  • Lowers stress, which is important, especially since high school can be an incredibly stressful time
  • If you meditate the night before a test, it can lower test anxiety, which can help you on a test
  • I have found that meditation makes you more friendly, and therefore people like you as a person
  • I have also found that meditation makes you more carefree, so drama doesn't get to you as much
  • A quick way to escape the world for a little while, which is something we all need to do
  • Recharges, and rejuvenates your body. Tip: If you meditate when you get home from school, you can relax your body and mind, and get it ready and willing to go do homework

So yes, meditating did help me out in high school. It can also help you!

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So have any questions on high school? Any other tips you would like to share? Feel free to comment!

Good luck in school, and happy meditating!


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