What you can expect from meditation?

Seth; Nov 27 2010

You want to start meditation, but are unsure what to expect from it. The truth is, everyone experiences meditation differently. Your experience will differ from someone else. So what can you experience? Read on.


"Pain first?" you may ask yourself, "are you trying to scare me?" No, just being honest. Physical pain or discomfort is one of the first things a new meditator can experience, especially if it's the first time he or she sits cross-legged. If you experience discomfort, consider changing positions, and continue meditating or try stretching before meditating. If you experience actual pain; stop before you hurt something. With practice, along with some yoga poses, the discomfort should go down.

Busy mind

When your body relaxes, your focus turns inward. You'll be surprised how many thoughts race through your head when you are aware of them. These can be distracting, but with practice, your thoughts will decrease, and your mind will relax.

Becoming Bored

Yes, it is possible to become bored while meditating. If this happens, perhaps you need to remind yourself why you are meditating, and the benefits of doing it. At first, meditation may seem boring, but it will grow on you, and you will look forward to doing it.


You feel nothing, you think nothing, you feel empty, both physically and mentally. Sounds weird, but it is a very calm, and stress free feeling. Think of having zero stress, no worries, no concerns, or no problems. Its an interesting feeling that can be felt through meditation.


You can feel peaceful or very calm while meditating. Its hard to explain in words, but when you experience it, you'll know what I mean.


Sometimes while meditating, a thought will pop up. A depressing thought that will make you feel sad and miserable. Sometimes, you need to come to terms and be at peace with this thought before moving on. If this persists to the point where you feel depressed, perhaps seek professional help.


Like with sadness, while meditating, a thought might pop up that REALLY makes you FURIOUS. While in meditation, learn to come to terms with this thought, forgive what makes you angry, and move on. Grudges are never a good thing.


Sometimes, you may feel happy during meditation. This is good :D


Sometimes, you feel very good feelings while deep in meditation. Almost orgasmic feelings. I'm not sure what this means when it is experienced (perhaps someone does, in which case leave a comment)

Scary Images

You may see scary images while meditating. Yes, these can be terrifying, and, well, scary. These images, you have to remember, are not real. It is your mind fighting back because it does not want to be silenced. Meditate through the scariness; after all, its not real.

Astral Travel (unconfirmed)

Some people have experienced leaving their bodies while meditating. I have not as of yet. Just something to keep in mind. It could also be a lucid dream. Moving on.


That's right! Most of the time, you'll probably not experience any of these. This does NOT mean you are doing anything wrong. The path of meditation is long, and even though it seems like you are accomplishing nothing, you are actually doing a lot. Do not be discouraged by literally NOTHING! Although all of the experiences above happen, and can be very pleasing, they can also be distractions from the path.

What is at the end of the path, I do not know, and may not know in this lifetime. But through practicing meditation, and experiencing what ever comes from it, and over coming obstacles, we may reach the end some day.

May our paths cross some day.

Happy Meditating!


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