Meditating at College

Seth; Mar 13 2014


It can be the best four to six years of your life.  It can also be the most stressful.  After long nights, homework, projects, LAN parties and trying to juggle a social life; things can get very hectic very quickly.  Luckily there is a very easy way to ease the stress, and that is meditation!

But, there is one big problem in college, private time can be a luxury.  You may have roommates, or you may be stuck on campus for hours at a time surrounded by people.  How can you meditate with no privacy?  How can you mediate in such a big place as a college campus?  Read on my friend!

Try the library

The library most likely has a quiet floor or section somewhere in it.  Go to a quiet table, sit in the chair, and have at it.  If you are afraid of what people will think of you, don't.  Most passersby will just assume you are sleeping or something.  No one in college cares; they're busy with their own lives.

Nooks and Crannies

College campuses can be huge.  If the library is not an option, there are probably several quiet spots you can go.  Take a good look around your college campus, you'll probably find a quiet hallway with a bench you can sit in.  You might be able to snag an empty classroom, or sit under stairs.  Maybe there's a balcony you can go and sit on, or a quiet corner somewhere?  Go exploring!  But don't go anywhere you are not allowed!

Religious Centers

Some colleges have non-denominational prayer rooms that can be used as a meditation space.  See if your college has one, and consider going there.  Its probably a nice quiet spiritual place to go.  Some colleges may even have a dedicated meditation center as well.

Your room

Of course, your roommate is not going to be there all day, I mean, he or she needs to go to class at some point!  When they are gone, break out the zafu and sit for a bit.  If your roommate never leaves his or her room, you could also ask them for 20-30 minutes of quiet while they are in the room while you sit.  Or, you can ask them to join in!

The problem I have had with dorms is that my neighbors could be loud.  Of course, you might take that as a challenge while you sit.


Why be cooped up all day?  If the weather is nice, consider going outside somewhere to mediate.  Sit under a tree in the shade, go for a walk in the woods (assuming your school has some), or sit near your college's fountain.  Nervous what people will think of you?  It's college, no one cares; you'll probably never see any of those people again anyways.

Start a club

Most schools allow clubs to be created.  If you create a club for meditators, you'll make friends, get some meditation time, and maybe even a meditation space!  The requirements for a club may vary, but usually you just need interested students, and a faculty adviser.  Colleges have a lot of students and faculty, you should be able to find someone!

Do not make the same mistake I did, which was to stop meditating once college hit.  It is probably the time you need it most!  Now what are you waiting, for, finish that homework, and get meditating!

Happy Meditating!


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