Tips to Meditate Regularly

Seth; Sep 01 2010

Generally, when a meditator gets more into their meditation practice, they want to meditate everyday! Easier said than done, as life gets in the way, or you feel like you need to do other, more important things than meditate. So how can we become more motivated to meditate more often?

Pick a meditation time

Sometimes, putting a certain time aside each day for meditation can motivate you to meditate. This time can be whenever you want. It can be when you wake up, before or after school or work, and/or before bed. During this meditation time, meditate! Do not do anything else. Do not do homework, do not watch TV, do not go on Facebook, do not put off the meditation. If you are worried about doing homework or doing something else instead of meditating, it is okay to put it off for 20 minutes or so. The thing you are going to do is not going anywhere. Plus meditation can rest your mind and body so doing your impending task can be easier! Once you are used to meditating during this time, it will be easier to get used to meditating everyday.

You can meditate for however long you want. If you can only give 20 minutes to this meditation time, then give 20 minutes. If an hour, then give an hour. Even 5 minutes is fine. The point is to meditate for some amount of time during your meditation period. Doing this will allow meditation to become a major part of your life.

Have a meditation space

Another tip to meditating regularly is to have a space only for meditation. If you have a space already to set up for meditation, you just need to go over to the space, sit down, and start meditating. If, however, you do not have a space for meditation, then you think to yourself "Ugh, I need to bring out the meditation pillow, set it up, and then put it away." HURRAY LAZINESS! Sometimes that can be a hinder to meditation. If you have a meditation corner, then this is no excuse to not meditate.

So what is generally in a meditation corner? Whatever you want! Generally however, there is something you sit on, (such as a pillow, blanket, Zafu, Zabuton, etc.) and whatever else you want. Some common things, in addition to something you sit on, that you see in a meditation space are candles, incense, Buddha statues, small plants, small fountains, etc. When making a meditation space, make whatever is best for you!

Also, a meditation space can make you feel more relaxed and more calm, as you are in a peaceful spot. So take an unused corner of your bedroom or in your house and feel free to make one (maybe post a picture in the comments?).

In Conclusion

These two tips can help you meditate more regularly, and make meditation a big part in your life. They will probably motivate you to meditate more often, and make yourself more peaceful, more happy, and a better person!

So do you have any tips to meditate regularly? Have a meditation corner or a meditation time? Feel free to rate and comment!

Happy Meditating!


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