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Right Brain Meditation

Seth; Feb 27 2011

As many people know, your brain is made up of two hemispheres; your right and left hemisphere. Your left hemisphere controls the right side of your body, and your right hemisphere controls the left side of your body. The left hemisphere deals with logic, thinking in words, and where the majority of your thoughts come from. Meanwhile the right hemisphere deals with creativity, thoughts in pictures, and in the here in now. To allow your mind and body to relax, your brain should not be thinking, or worrying about things. Which side of the brain then do you think would help with this?

The right side of the brain of course! If your right hemisphere is activated, it will cause your thoughts to disappear, and also give your ever busy left side a break.

So here is a technique I have used, give it a shot if you want:

First, get in a comfortable position, take a few breaths, and relax your body. Then, focus on the left side of your body. Your left hand, arm, leg, foot, etc. Just observe your left half. Notice how it feels. Remember, your right hemisphere controls the left side of your body, so focusing on it will activate your right hemisphere. Feel your right hemisphere activating, while focusing on your left half of your body. If you want, you can visualize your right hemisphere lighting up, or glowing, or be like a muscle tightening. Continue to focus on the left side of your body. Eventually, your thoughts will being to disappear, and your mind will relax. When this happens, focus on your breath, and just be in the moment. Continue for as long as you want.

That's it. It's a simple technique that anyone can do. Feel free to try it out!

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