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Meditating with Music: Harmful or Helpful?

Seth; Jul 17 2010

I am everywhere on the internet. On the internet, there seems to be an argument over whether or not meditating with music playing in the background is helpful or harmful. Some people say that it relaxes the mind and body quicker, while others say it is a distraction, and will interrupt the practice. Who's right?

They're both right. Usually when people argue over this, it is because they are talking about their own experiences. People who find music calming will say to meditate with music, others who get distracted will say not to because it is, well, distracting. They're not wrong in terms of talking about themselves, but they may be wrong when talking about yourself.

The truth is that listening to music while meditating is different for everyone. Some people need total silence for meditation, and others need music to calm down. Do whatever is best for YOU! If you are unsure whether or not music helps or not, try a few sessions with music, and a few without, and see which works for you.

Need to find meditation music? No problem, a simple Bing or Google search will allow you to find some. The internet knows (almost) all :)

So do you listen to music while you meditate? Why or why not? Comments are always welcome :)

Happy Meditating!


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