The "Right Way" to Meditate

Seth; Aug 16 2010

Online, you will see websites and youtube videos that say "Meditate the right way" or "The right way to meditate." They usually then give you a technique and instructions. Is this, however, the right way to meditate?

The way I see it is this. There is no universal "right way" to meditate. There are so many meditation techniques - Mindfulness, Mantra, Transcendental, Vipassana, and Zen - that vary in technique. All the techniques are widely used, but is there one that is "correct?"

That question varies for everyone. Typically, meditators have a technique that works for them best. They usually pick a technique because it is the one that is most comfortable for them to use during meditation. So what if you are new to meditation, and need to figure out the right path for you?

My advice is try the different meditation techniques, and see which one you like best. There is no "best" technique, as all meditation techniques relax your mind and body. Once you think you found the technique that seems to work with you best, feel free to use it. Also, do not be afraid to continue to use the other techniques as well. If one way you feel like doing Vipassana meditation, then do that. If another day you feel like doing mantra, do that. Do what works for YOU-that is the right way to meditate.

So what meditation technique do you use? Feel free to comment :)

Happy Meditating!


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