Is Meditation Hard?

Seth; Jul 20 2010

Learning meditation is not hard, a simple Google or Bing search can give you ple nty of techniques. Even clicking the "Meditation Techniques" category on this page can give you techniques. However, many people say that they can't practice meditation because "its too hard." So is it hard?

A lot of people say that meditation is hard because they "get too distracted." They get too into their thoughts, and do not focus on the breath. This can happen with beginners (myself included when I first started), and it can be very discouraging. As someone who as been through it before, allow me to give you this advice is you are having trouble "clearing your mind." Do not try to force your thoughts to stop, as that is a thought in and of itself. Accept that you will have thoughts, and return your focus to the breath. If you get distracted, again, do not be discouraged, just gently return your focus on the breath. If a thought comes, just let it be. Eventually, your thoughts will slow down, and your mind will relax. It takes time though, but it does become worth it in the end, and meditation becomes enjoyable.

So is this hard? Let's just say meditation is as hard as we make it. If we try to control the meditation; as in controlling the thoughts and the breath (let the breath flow naturally); it will be difficult for your mind and body to relax. If we just relax, and let whatever happens, well, happen, your mind and body will relax. So just let go, and meditation will be easy. If you try to be in control at all times, it will be hard.

So have you ever found meditation hard? How did you make it easier. Comments are always welcome of course :)

Happy (easy) meditating!


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